Frequently Asked Questions


Does Experience Matter?

Bike Maintenance and Repair

As a new organization, all of the members of T3 Honu have done at least a Sprint distance triathlon. All ability levels are welcome, but you will be expected to be able to swim at least 800 yards continuously, bike for 60 minutes and run 3 miles.


Will I have to raise money?

No. Each member will pledge to volunteer at one of the non-profit organizations we support. Raising funds to support worthy causes is always encouraged, but it is not a requirement.


Is there a fitness test?

No, but you should be able to swim at least 800 yards continuously, bike for 60 minutes and run 3 miles.


Do I have to enter a race?

No. You set your own goals, so it is up to you if you want to enter races or not.


Is my membership fee tax deductible?



Can I do other races besides the one scheduled for the team?

Yes, you can do as many or as few races as you desire.


Do I have to pay extra for personal training?

As a member of T3 Honu, you will have access to experienced coaches who can assist you in developing your own training program. If you desire a more robust program, we have arranged for professional USAT certified coaches to be available to assist you. There are additional charges for these services, but as a member you can receive a discounted rate.


Am I required to train with the group?

No, but we encourage all members to attend as many group sessions as possible.


Do I have to volunteer at a community outreach event?

Yes. We expect all members to attend at least one community outreach event per year.


Is it all about training or are there social events?

T3 Honu is a competitive multisport organization that provides education and outreach services to the community. There is a lot of training, but members also interact through various social activities including volunteer work, happy hours, museum tours, wine tastings, crab feasts, group seating at professional sporting events and many others.